Tours to wineries and vineyards as well as visits to specialized restaurants and festivals and wine tourism gives 75 thousand jobs to the German economy. These are the results of the research made by the Geisenheim University.
Such type of a rest attracts 50 million people in Germany annually. At that, most part of them is the tourists from Netherlands and USA. Averagely they spend 5.5 billion euro. Wineries are conductive to it a lot. 80% of them developed specific programs for visitors.
In the context of beverages Germany is associated with beer in first turn. However, wine branch is developed in this country not worse than hop-growing. Per statistics German companies produced 750 million liters of wine in 2018 (60% – white wine and 40% – red and rose wine). As a rule, one third of the wine produced is exported. Two thirds is sold in the domestic market. Biggest number of wineries is in the regions Rheinhessen (28%) and Pfalz (21%).
Average German drinks about 20 liters of wine per year. In 2018 the size of consumption lowered a bit. Germans preferred beer because of hot summer and 2018 FIFA World Cup. As a result the average consumption lowered by 0.5 liter.

Source of information : TASS