At the end of 2018 production of wine in Russia may be approximately 32 million dL that corresponds the level of the last year and production of sparkling wine may be 13 million dL (2% more to the previous year). These data are given by the Union of winegrowers and winemakers of Russia.
The president of this organization Leonid Popovich noted that the volumes of wine production as well as sparkling wine production stopped falling that had been fixed since 2015. He also added that the falling had been compensated due to growth of wine beverages and fruit wines
According to Popovich’s report excise duties for sparkling wine, reduction of small retail and currency difference and falling incomes affected production cutback. He specified that today the first factor doesn’t play any role, reduction of retail and falling incomes stopped and currency difference moved to the benefit of winemakers.
Earlier it was reported that Russians began to buy domestic wine more often. However, foreign wine brands are more popular. Italy, Spain, France, Abkhazia and Georgia are still largest exporters.

Source of information: «Prime»