Russian railways may have offered the SPIMEX buyers of oil products by the end of this year to transport oil within the frameworks of exchange-traded contracts.
“At the present time oil products are traded on SPIMEX . Then self-delivery happens. We have got an idea for Russian railways to participate in such trades as basis of delivery. We shall specify some routs and clients will choose oil with delivery by rail. This is a very interesting idea. We work with the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service. We want clients to have their goods exactly in time.” – Commerce director of Russian railways Mr. Shilo said.
He also noted that this would be additional rail traffic. The company may discuss an opportunity to grant rebates within the framework of “tariff corridor”.
“We could put a bit low price than we have today. We are going to offer more comfort conditions. We set a mission to offer these services by the end of the current year. We could increase the total volume of oil transportation” – Mr. Shilo said.
He reminded that during last 7 months of 2018 the average shipments of oil cargos to the level of the last year have not fallen. Russian railways are also negotiating with some oil companies with regard to combined transportation of oil products.
“At the present time we hold negotiations with some big oil companies (Rosneft and Lukoil are not included) in order to take part in combined transportations of oil products. Part of oil products is delivered by means of oil pipelines. Then transfer to railway tanks happens” – the top-manager said.

Source of information: RSN