The sheep breeders of the Stavropol region summarized sheep shearing in 2018. The agrarians managed to have over one thousand of tons of fine wools and semi-fine wools. The regional ministry of agriculture reported.
More than 255 thousand sheep were sheared by the regional sheep-producing farms and the total sum of sheep in the region is more than 355 thousand. A half of wool was received by the regional bred livestock farms.
Best of all – 236 tons of wool fiber were received by the sheep breeders in Neftekumsk urban district, 208 tons in Apanasenskiy district and 186 tons in Levokumsk district.
Measures taken to support the local sheep breeders provided the growth of total amount of wool. For these purposes 293 million rubles were directed. 167 million rubles were spent to develop bred livestock farms.
About 83 million budget rubles were spent to support wool production. The support level doubled. It was invested 38 million rubles in sheep and goats pedigree stocks.

Source of information: “Kavkaz Segodnya”