The complete renovation of vineyards was carried out in the region. The unproductive plantations were grubbed out and new demanded grapes were formed. When area of vineyards were increased by 6% productivity of land increased by 30%. This made able to increase gross collection by half. The regional ministry of agriculture reported.
The support of growing of grapes and winemaking by the local authorities facilitated it. If in 2015 for the forming and handling of grapes 223.1 million rubles was disbursed then in 2018 over 420 million rubles was disbursed. The subsidies for grapes forming increased by 2.6 times and for the installation of trellis by 3.5 times.
The governor Veniamin Kondrat’ev noted that growing of grape and winemaking hold special place in the regional economy. In 2018 (per the information given by the Ministry of Agriculture) THE Kuban region came out on top in wine and champagne making. For example, in 2017 13.6 million dL of wine were bottled. That was 42% of the wine bottled in Russia.
The volume of tax revenues from the wine industry in the budget of the region increased 1.7 times. It is more than 5 billion rubles. In July this year, the Kuban wine won a silver medal in France. In total, 212 samples of Muscat wines of different styles from 23 countries were brought to the competition.

Source of information: Krasnodarskiye izvestiya