A meeting of inter-agency committee on formation of proposals regarding enhancement of statutory regulation of wine-growing and wine making was held in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. The event was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Oksana Lut.

The participants of this meeting discussed some questions of the state support of wine-growing in Russia aiming to increase production of wine as well as production of sparkling wines with protected geographical indication and protected designation of origin and to develop transplant grape nursery and  to arrange phytosanotary control and to enhance state regulation of wine making.

One of key tasks in the sphere of wine-growing and wine making is to determine the forms and objects for the state support. Both the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture are involved in consideration of this issue. Some representatives of business expressed their position on this issue during the meeting of the working group.

Oksana Lut noted that the Ministry of Agriculture would keep enhancing the regulation system in these spheres. She also emphasized that all proposals and initiatives of the participants of the market were to be heard and taken into consideration in further work.

Source if information: Ministry of Agriculture of Russia