Alterations into the article of the Civil Code that regulates alcohol production including wines assume introduction of the concept “geographical indication”. This action will liquidate existing questions referred to as labeling of wines at the place of grapes cultivation. The president of Union of winemakers and winegrowers of Russia Leonid Popov reported.
«In Europe such a concept as geographical indication is in practice about 50 years and we only start. So we have to get used to make it profitable for domestic producers. We are in the very beginning of forming the wines that have geographical indication and wines that have protected designation of origin. Frenchmen spent over 150 years to settle this issue. We have to run this distance for three-five years. We can cope with this as we run with seven-league steps” – Popovich said.
Per his words the wine products are produces with protected designation origin according the Federal law № 171 “About state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and spirit-containing products and about limitations of consumption of alcoholic products”. “If this abbreviation is available the next word after it – Kuban, Dagestan, Crimea means the place of cultivation”.
“However, the word Crimea provides some derivations. Sometimes somewhere in our country wines with the name, for instance, “the Crimean nest” are produced. In this case the word “Crimean” has nothing common with the Crimea but it is in use. There is the town Krymsk in the Krasnodar region. There are some imperfections. In order to correct them some alterations into the Civil Code are prepared now which provide new concept as “Geographical indication” – Popovich said.
He also reported that after adoption of the law on development of grape growing and winegrowing and making changes into the Federal Law № 171 which regulates Geographical indication and Protected Designation of Origin all imperfections would be taken into account.

Source of information: TASS