State support of Russian wine making may be doubled in future, up to 3 billion rubles – deputy Minister of agriculture Oksana Lut informed the journalists during the opening ceremony of the first federal sales promotion “Days of Russian wines” in Moscow.
«There is an initiative today to support Russian wine made from Russian grapes for its promotion. In case of approval of the budgetary law the state support of Russian wine-making branch may raise up to 3 billion rubles» – Lut said. She also reminded that the state support was 1.4 billion rubles this year.
«In addition we are discussing an opportunity and have already proposed to subsidize expenses caused creation of grape nursery» – the deputy Minister added having noted that these measures should be quite enough to support the branch.
According to the forecast announced by the Agricultural Ministry the grape harvesting will be 540 thousand tons this year in comparison with 537 thousand tons last year. «To date we have already picked 460 thousand tons of grapes. Our forecast considering the speed grapes picking is 540 thousand tons. This is a bit more than it was last year – Lut said. – So, the prices for grapes are stable, they are almost the equal to the prices of the same period of 2017. We do not expect strong volatility».
As it was declared by the deputy Minister the wine branch has made a big leap. Nowadays wines are made not only from the imported wine-making materials but also from the domestic. «Taking into account that the volume of such wine is big enough the Agricultural Ministry together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade have made a decision to carry out federal sales promotion in order to help local wine makers demonstrate the quality of their products and the consumers could evaluate the work done by wine makers» – she said.

Source of information: «Interfax»