Sheep breeding revives in Penza region. Today sheep farms may be enumerated on the fingers of one hand but the demand for sheep wool and lamb meet grows as ecologically clean product is highly prized today.
Sheep breeding is one of traditional directions of agriculture on Penza region. In olden times small flocks (8-10 heads) were in almost every farm yards. Unfortunately traditions were lost to a large extent and sheep farms are seldom now. Especially such big sheep farms as in the village Lopukhovka. There about 1500 sheep here.
These sheep were purchased due to the grant given by the Ministry of Agriculture that was received two years ago according to the program of support of family farms (13 million rubles). “We have some plans. We obligatory need a slaughterhouse and a chiseling and pre-packing workshop. It would be good to have a workshop for meet deep processing. But at least a chiseling workshop», — Mikhail Gorshenin, the head of the department on agriculture development in the Bessonov district, said.
However, there is a strong demand for lamb today. The Adilbaev breed of sheep is good for absence of specific smell. You know many people don’t like lamb because of its smell. Anyway, we feel that sheep breeding comes back and to say shortly sheep breeding is a perspective business. By this reason we think of increasing the quantity of sheep.

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