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Social investments

The investment group MIROLUB actively participates in significant social projects carried out jointly with non-profit organisations as well as iteracts and cooperates with state authorities. The Group’s management takes part in expertise activities of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, which, in accordance with the Federal Law No. 212-FZ dated by July 21, “On the Basics of Public Control in the Russian Federation”, has the authority to influence the work of the Russian authorities through public control procedures.

Existing management resourses and expertise of the Group enable it to create mechanisms for effective development of agricultural land and forest resources, which jointly occupy 98% of land in Russia. The Group’s experts are involved in all processes in the country related to the use of land resources and regulation of land arrangements from drafting laws and regulations to carrying out their expertise. The objective of this work is to increase the public efficiency of using the land fund of Russia.


“Land is the basis of economic, social and spiritual transformations in Russia” –  Pyotr Stolypin

Our Social Investments

The former Land Service of Russia, whose history is over 190 years and which is called NGO “Union of Land Builders of Russia“, is a part of the MIROLUB Group now.

In 2011, the Group actively took part in building the Russian resettlement movement, whose objective is to develop the territory of Russia, use the land fund, and continue the economic, social and spiritual transformations initiated in Russia in the 2000s. “The land is the basis of such transformations…”, said Stolypin. Implementing the ideas of the Movement in the regions was discussed by the political club of the United Russia party, the All-Russian Popular Front, as well as by prominent politicians and socio-political movements.

Investment group MIROLUB is a socially responsible company. When implementing projects the Group assumes responsibility for solving different local problems such as development of infrastructure, construction of essential social facilities, and support for the management of local initiatives.