Russian Railways saved 3.4 billion rubles due to improvement of the effectiveness
Russian Railways lowered its expenses for fuel and power resources for 3.4 billion rubles in 2018 due to realization of the energy preservation program and improvement of the effectiveness. This is one of the best results for the last years.
Energy intensity of production of the company in 2018 was lowered by 0.9% to 2017 and by 8.2% by 2015 to 66.2 kilo of oil equivalent for 10 thousand tons/km/ net weight. Thus Russian Railways overfulfilled the norm fixed in the order issued by the Federal Tariff Service, that is to low energy intensity by 0.7% to the level of 2017.
The most effective measure of saving in 2018 was improvement of methods of controlling of movement of trains including reduce delay time of locomotives in warm regime. This made possible to reduce expenses by 1.14 billion rubles.
The Company could have savings in size of 1 billion rubles in 2018 through improved performance of locomotives including rolling stock condition and use of modern high-efficient locomotives in heavy-duty main-line railroads.

Source of information: «Gudok»