Due to Asia coal will long remain major world energy source as there is a strong demand for this mineral in that region. Director on mining assets of Mechel-Mining Igor Khaphizov said this on Tuesday.
Per his words Russian coal producers focus on the Asian sales markets. Mechel expects that this year the demand for carbonized coal in this region may increase due to growth of world steel production.
Today coal occupies approximately one third of the whole energy market. At that, next twenty years the situation will not change dramatically. According to the forecast issued by the International energy agency approximately 27% world energy generation is related to coal by 2040.
Cheapness of coal and demographic growth as well as active industrialization in the Asia-Pacific region helps to maintain stability of the demand for it.
«The demand for metallurgical steel grades of this product remained high during the first six months. It even exceeded the levels of the corresponding period of the last year. That means that in long term coal will remain main world energy source” – Khaphisov announced.

Source of information: News.ru