The Russian Railways plan to create by 2025 a united Yuzniy rail terminal based on Pavaletskiy rail terminal with re-direction of all “southern” trains including the directions from Ryazan and Kursk as well as the Crimea. This news is present in the materials of the company. RBK has got a copy of it. A Russian Railways representative has confirmed its originality.
Nowadays the trains from the southern directions also arrive to Kazanskiy (in particular, Ryazan direction) and Kurskiy train terminals. In order to fulfill this project the Russian Railways need to electrify several directions south of Moscow. In particular, it is deemed to electrify the railroads Ozherelye-Uzlovaya-Elets and Rtishchevo-Kochetovka.
The cost of electrification of these railroads is 48.2 and 49.2 billion rubles correspondingly, or totally 100 billion rubles. It is noted in the documents of the company that today the trains from South arrive to Moscow from different directions and the modernization of these railroads will make possible create de facto one common direction for passengers. Such specialization is one of the most prospective technological tools to increase effectiveness of operation of the rail express line” – the materials of the company say.

Source of information: RBC