Transfers of passengers and goods from the Russian mainland to the Crimea through the bridge will start in December 2019 – reported Deputy Head of the Ministry of Transportation Vladimir Tokarev who coordinates railroad industry.
Road bridge to the Crimea connected the Peninsula with the Russian mainland in May 2018. During the first stage the movement of cars started, then truck traffic.
«Starting from December 2019 the Crimean railroad will provide railways traffic for passengers and for goods, between the Peninsula and the Mainland» – Tokarev said.
He reminded that major overhaul of the existing rail infrastructure had been fulfilled in Crimea.
«A number of track repairs are still in fulfilled. The program on rolling stock renewal is in realization now. It will make possible to satisfy the needs of the Crimean railroads in passenger coaches and locomotives for all transfers by means of own traction equipment» – Tokarev said.
The Crimean railroad is a federal state unitary enterprise established in 2014 after reunion of Crimea with Russia. In the end of 2015 the enterprise was transferred to federal ownership and placed under the jurisdiction of the Federal Rail Transport Agency.

Source of information: «RIA Novosti»