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Partners & Investors

The investment group MIROLUB is interested only in serious and system-creating investment projects that are related to the priority sectors of economy.

The Group conducts economic, technical and legal expertise of proposed projects.

We offer the project initiators to take part in joint activities, the coordination of complex issues in GR area and state co-sponsoring, including public-private partnership.

MIROLUB Group also suggests investors to participate in its projects in three stages: the pre-project risk stage (PRE-FEED), the project stage (FEED) and the implementation phase (EPC). The investors are supposed to join in the projects and private equity funds involving MIROLUB Group.

The group guarantees the effectiveness of investments and high yield.

Managing partners of the investment group MIROLUB are integrated into the economic and political life of the country and have high competence and reputation.

Инвестиционная группа Миролюб