Authorities of the Sakhalin region offer Japanese Mitsui and Mitsubishi to arrange deep natural gas processing. The island economy needs transfer from raw-material orientation to development of high-tech profitable manufacturing. In case of realization of these plans in the Far East one more gas-chemical cluster may appear.
The new enterprise will produce up to 1 million tons of methanol per year. Methanol is an auxiliary product for a wide line of products. New gas volume has been contemplated which intends to be used within the second and the third stage of the factory in order to create productions of further processing – Boris Krasnovsky, GM of ECN LTD informed.
Methanol after crude oil provides the quickest commercial effect – Nikolay Sabitov, GM of Nakhodka mineral fertilizer plant reported. That’s why the company plans firstly to establish production of this product (1.8 million tons annually). It is supposed to start construction of the plant in spring 2019 and to complete in 2022. Approximately one year later the ammonia line production will be put into operation (1.1 million tons).
Availability of resources (natural gas reserves in the Eastern part of Russia are estimated in 4.6 trillion cubic meters) and nearness to growing markets of Asia-Pacific region make Far East projects on deep hydrocarbons processing competitive enough – Anton Poryadin, the head of direction on strategy in CIS countries of Ernst & Young said. The cost of logistics from Far East to Shanghai is 20-30 USD per one ton.

Source of information: EastRussia