Loads on railroads that belong to Russian railways in October 2018 according to recent reports have reached 108.4 million tons that is 0.3% more compared with the same period of 2017. The company reports.
Loads from January to September have grown by 2.7% up to 1.073 billion tons including stone coal by 5.5% up to 310.6 million tons; crude oil and oil products by 0.6% up to 195.6 million tons; iron stone and black iron ore by 5.5% up to 96.3 million tons; ferrous metals by 8.8% up to 65 million tons; chemical and mineral fertilizers by 3.5% up to 48.9 million tons; grain by 31% up to 22 million tons; chemical inputs and soda by 1.4% up to 21.9 million tons.
Loads of coke fell by 1.4% up to 9.2 million tons; cement loads fell by 6.7% up to 22 million tons; construction cargos fell by 6.6% up to 106 million tons; load on non-ferrous ore and sulphury raw materials fell by 0.5% up to 16.9 million tons.

Source of information: Information Agency RNS