The Russian nuclear industry is a leader in the market. We have a number of breakthrough competences, including a fast neutron reactor and floating nuclear power plants, and therefore China is actively seeking to increase technological cooperation in this area, but we need to act carefully, said Stanislav Mitrokhovich, a leading expert of the National Energy Security Fund.

China is ready to develop cooperation with Russia both in traditional areas and in other areas, including in nuclear energy. The plans of Beijing were shared by Premier of the State Council of China Li Keqiang during his meeting with Russian President Putin. According to the Chinese prime minister, the bilateral turnover of our countries will overcome the $ 100 billion mark this year.

“In order for cooperation to be beneficial to both parties, it must be thought through in various aspects. Do not forget that China creates its own full-fledged nuclear industry, wants to have a complete closed technological cycle and do everything on its own. In this regard, Russia needs it as a source of technology …

And here it is very important to maintain a balance – to develop high-technology cooperation, but at the same time not to unilaterally transfer technological know-how, “Stanislav Mitrokhovich adds.

An interesting combination can be cooperation on the promotion of projects in world markets. Chinese financing and Russian technology could have a significant impact, but China seeks to independently implement projects, attracting partners and even more competitors, which is exactly Russia, in exceptional cases.

Source: “Today’s Economy”