Due to the program “Far-Eastern hectare” 43.9 land parcels were distributed and distribution of 7 thousand more land parcels were approved by authorized authorities. The corresponding agreements on distribution of land parcels were submitted for consideration by citizens.

Citizens prefer to formalize the land parcels consolidated, not far from populated areas or sights of interest. In such a manner compactly positioned groups of lands of parcels appear – so called agglomerations of Far-Eastern hectares”. At present time there are about 80 such agglomerations.

“Far-Eastern hectare” unites people and is basis for the rise of new populated areas in the Far East. By now the first populated area on the basis of agglomeration of Far-Eastern hectares has been created – the village Dalnevostochnoe in the Khabarovsk region. Two more populated areas in the Sakhalin region are created in familiar circumstances. Beside this, about 30 existing populated areas have got a second wind. Perimeters of these populated areas will be widened due to “Far-Eastern hectares” – the general director of the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Russian Far East Mr. Sergey Khovrat said.

The state provides infrastructure support in order to create new as well as to widen existing populated areas using “Far-Eastern hectares”. Approximately 11.9 billion rubles are planned to be spent for these purposed by 2020. The corresponding works have been already started.

The Agency for Human Capital Development in the Russian Far East with the cooperation of the Institute for Urban Economics have been prepared a guidance on creation of new populated areas for convenience of citizens who formalized “hectares” in a consolidated manner and arranged infrastructure on the land parcels. The materials are available on the Agency’s website.

Source of information: Russian Information Agency Sakhalin-Kurily