Technological solution for the Sakhalin transport crossing construction is to be preceded by careful surveying work due to severe weather and geological condition. Rail Research Institute – Russian railway’s subsidiary company thinks so.

“It is necessary to understand that unlike the Kerch Strait the Nevelski Strait (7.3 km, not too wide) and not too deep (10 meters) with its weather conditions has great difference in comparison with the weather conditions present in the sea of Azov” – the first deputy general manager of Rail Research Institute Alexander Kosarev said.

“The main thing is to understand the traffic over this bridge(freight or passenger traffic), what traffic volume, one track or two. Loading on construction and thus, engineering solutions will depend on these significant parameters” – Kosarev said. It is also important to analyze the project from the point of view of business and its role in the regional economics.

Construction of the bridge by 2030 assumes freight traffic to Sakhalin equal to 32-47 mln (nowadays ferry craft traffic is 4.5-8.5 mln tons) – Sergey Sharapov, Deputy General Manager of the Institute of Economy and Development of Transport reports. The total length of the rail track taking into account bridge approaches is 585 km. Per preliminary appraisals the construction price is 540.3 billion rubles VAT not included, expert said.

In late July, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a working meeting with the Governor of the Sakhalin region Oleg Kozhemyako said that he had instructed the Russian Government to work out the issue of building the bridge to Sakhalin. The head of state noted that the project was important not only for the residents of the island as the construction of railway approaches would give a push to the development of the northern territory of the Khabarovsk region.

Source of information: Interfax