Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) intends to participate in financing of construction of the Rail High Speed Line “Eurasia” (HSL) between Moscow and Kazan. According to the Chairman of the Management Board of EDB Andrey Beliyaninov “serious pre-project works have been started”.
Cargo and passenger HSL “Eurasia” will connect Europe and China. The total mileage from Berlin to Beijing is approximately 9.5 thousand km. Construction of a part of the HSL from Brest (Belorussia) to Urumchi (China) through Russia and Kazakhstan has been estimated in 7.84 trillion rubles.
EDB is an international financial organization established in 2006 by Russia and Kazakhstan in order to promote development of market economy of the member- states as well as sustainable growth and expansion of trade and economic relations. Armenia, Belorussia, Kirgizia and Tajikistan are also the EDB participant.

Source of information: «Kommersant-Kazan»