It has been planned to start construction of high speed line “Chelyabinsk-Ekaterinburg” in 2021. Project documents are to have been prepared in 2019.

According to plans the project will connect the centers of two cities by the high speed railroad line with 1 hour 10 minutes travel time. One of variants of the route is through the airports “Koltsovo” and “Chelyabinsk”.

It was reported in September that the Russian Railways would start construction of the high speed railroad “Moscow-Kazan” after approval of development plan of the trunk line infrastructure. “The government has to get it approved by October the 1st, in October” – the first deputy of the Director General Alexander Misharin reported.

The high speed line Moscow-Kazan with length of 770 km is estimated in 1.6 trillion rubles. It is supposed to construct this line on concession terms. The average travel time is approximately 3.5 hours. In future this part may become a part of the high speed railroad line Moscow-Beijing with the cost of 7 trillion rubles as well as the project Silk road which will connect Chine with European and Middle Eastern markets.

Source of information: «Mir 24»