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Инвестиционная группа «Миролюб»-О компании

Инвестиционная группа «Миролюб»-О компании

Investment group MIROLUB

Investment group MIROLUB is currently being set up and structuring the business portfolio.

The holding gives priority to the investments in the following major sectors: Agro-industry, Power Engineering, Transport and Logistics, Development, Wood Industry.

Potentially, the Group considers its participation in banking projects.

MIROLUB Group gives priority to the investments in the specialised Mutual Investment Funds (Mutual Funds) run by professional specialised companies and the operational control of the managing partners.

At the moment, the MIROLUB group is building project teams to get a number of projects financed.

Some projects of the Group are large-scale and especially significant for the country’s economy, they are supervised by Federal and regional authorities.


The team of the Group brings together experts in various fields and has enough expertise to carry out projects at the national level.