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Power Engineering

Shcherbinskaya bulk plant located in the Moscow region is one of the projects included in the Investment Group’s portfolio.
The bulk plant is managed by the company “Nefteprodukservis”, which maintains wholesale and small wholesale deliveries of light oil products across the Moscow region. The 20-thousand-ton bulk plant stores and sells fuel from the Moscow Refinery, the Ryazan Oil Refinery, the Orsk Oil and Nizhnevartovsk OR, the Ufa Refinery Group, the Volgograd Refinery, PermNOS, NORSI and YANOS.

The Group is interested in a number of assets left after the bankrupcy of E4 Group, the largest full-cycle engineering company specialised in designing, manufacturing, installing and providing maintenance of power technological equipment.

Taking into account that the Investment Program of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation for the period up to 2030 stipulates the construction of 7 power units of nuclear power plants in Russia and 33 power units of nuclear power plants abroad, while the order book for construction of foreign nuclear power plants currently amounts to 128 billion dollars and the Program for the Modernization of the Electric Power Industry of Russia for the period until 2030 provides for the commissioning of 175.8 GW of generating capacity with a total cost of about 1.9 trillion roubles, the preservation of the highest competence in the design, production and installation of equipment for nuclear and thermal power plants is imperative and the most important task of the State.

One of MIROLUB’s objective is development of energy-construction projects.

Also, the interests of the MIROLUB Investment Group are concentrated in the field of large gas chemistry sector in the North-West of Russia, the development of coking coal deposits in the Far East, and the organization of export oil trading through sea terminals. At the moment, these projects are at the stage of formation.