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The Group develops the following areas of the agro-industrial sector: industrial viticulture, production of wines and cognacs, livestock breeding (sheep).

In particular, the Group is considering the purchase of shares in mutual funds, which invest in the development of viticulture and winemaking in the Russian Federation.

The decision to participate in specific projects is made by the Management Company of mutual funds.

At the moment, Russia is experiencing a shortage of quality wine materials.

The total area of ​​used vineyards in the country is 65 thousand hectares.

Increasing production of wine from domestic materials by 90% will take Russia to increase the area of ​​vineyards no less than 2 times, i.e. up to 350 thousand hectares.

“Dolina” is one of the landmark projects, which creates a system of private chateau cooperatives on the Black Sea coast of Russia.

The project is unparalleled both in scale and implemented solutions in the Russian market.

Participation in a project begins with purchasing shares of the mutual fund.

In the field of viticulture and winemaking, the Group plans to invest in shares of a fund, which will combine the assets of a large Russian wine company building its own land bank of 20 thousand hectares for planting and growing black and white grapes.

The company’s assets also include production facilities for processing grapes and producing wines and cognacs, as well as a distribution network and its own brand line.


Sheep breeding

The Group considers investing in the development of pasture sheep breeding as a promising area.

Sheep breeding products will be in demand both on the domestic market and for export supplies.

At present, construction of a sheep farm for 6 thousand sheep, extandable to 30 thousand, has started.

There is 8,000-hectare land bank of the pastures at the farm including 2 thousand hectare of arable land and there is also a possibility of expanding up to 40 thousand hectares in total.