One of section of the Eastern Economic Forum was devoted to the dialogue of business and power aiming creation of an effective center of economic cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Region. Participants of this section shared their experience as residents of the Asia-Pacific Region and the free port of Vladivostok as well as identified problems which make obstacles to businesses to turn around in full force and effect and identified the ways of solving the problems.
According to the Chairman of the Management Board of Kollmar Group Anna Tsyvileva today Russia’s market share of carbonize coal is only 7% and export volume of Russian coal 22 million tons. This is a very small share however the suppliers still have chances to develop. Anna Tsyvileva emphasized that the formula for success to develop the coal industry in the Far East was to attract human resources. So, it is needed to have the state to support businesses to create comfort conditions for people’s lives.
«That’s why we draw attention of the state to create infrastructure, in first turn construction of residential areas. Well-created logistics and price controls for flights to the Far East are also important” – Tsyvileva said. She also noted in her report the problem that the Russian coal dealers have to solve when they enter the world market.
This was competitive ability of trade offers. Starting from 2014 when China introduced duties for coal import in size of 3-6% the Russian coal deliveries to China significantly reduced. At that the market leaders Australia and USA concluded agreements with China on customs-free coal deliveries. So, Russian companies had to lower prices not to lose the contracts they had. Per Tsyvileva’s opinion the solving this problem was on the level of the intergovernmental commission. The President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin acknowledged this idea worthy to be discussed in business and ministerial communities.

Source of information: PrimaMedia