From June 5 to June 10 in Chita, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, the XV Siberian-Far Eastern exhibition of pedigree sheep and goats was held.

Over 50 livestock enterprises, breeding plants, breeding farms and commodity farms from seven regions of the country brought the sheep of nine breeds: Transbaikalian, Adilbaev, Agin, Tuva, short-tailed, Buryat, Altaic, Romanov, Mountain Altai, Kulunda. Also presented are the Mountain Altai goats.

An expert commission for the evaluation of animals works at the event. In its composition – scientists, zootechnicians-breeders and consultants in the field of animal husbandry from the regions of the Siberian Federal District.

They will assess the breeding quality of animals in terms of appearance, weight and quality of wool. The results of this analysis will then be presented to the exhibition committee headed by Kharon Amerkhanov, director of the Livestock and Breeding Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation