During the period of 2006 – 2016 areas of vineyards in the Rostov region grew by 15%. In 2018 wine production lowed by 40%. The Rostov regional statistics service reports.
Per the recent figures obtained due to the All-Russian Agricultural Census 2016 the total vineyards area in the Rostov region was approaching 5 thousand hectares taking into account farms of all forms of ownership including private farms. This is 15.3% more than 10 years before. The administration reports.
In 2017 the harvest received from the Don vineyards exceeded 10 thousand tons. 5% of agricultural companies and individual entrepreneurs of the Rostov region are engaged in grape growing. During a decade between two agricultural censuses (2006-2016) the vineyards area were increased at 19 times
The major part (over two thirds) of agricultural lands on which grape is cultivated belongs to legal entities. However they cut their vineyards at 3.9% for last 10 years.

Source of information: «Delovoy Rostov»