In case if a landholder of “the Far-Eastern hectare” implements his land which he received from the state successfully then he has the right to pretend for an additional portion of land. If it is impossible to implement a plot of land an owner will have the right to exchange it.
The Ministry for Development of Russian Far East intends to introduce this draft law into the State Duma this year. The Minister for Development of Russian Far East Alecxander Kozlov reported about it during his interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. “The problems in this sphere in the Far-East have been accumulating not even for years but for decades. The demographic situation demonstrates the state of affairs in healthcare and education and housing sector and opportunity of self-realization in this territory” Kozlov noted.
According to his words the population reduced during last 20 years for one million inhabitants mainly due to migration. As the development of the Far-East is of high priority for the national policy and enjoys great support at the state level population outflow has been halved during last five years.
The Minister also noted one of the top-priority goals for the Far-East development – tourism. “Our region has a great resource which has not been properly estimated for long period of time. New mechanisms for development of regional economy are advanced special economic zones and Free Port of Vladovostok which provided good flow of investments including tourism” Alexander Kozlov said. At the present time 100 various projects are being realized in advanced special economic zones and Free Port of Vladovostok and 6627 new places are organized.

Source of information: Rossiyskaya Gazeta