Production of still wines for the first six months of 2018 is 32 mln daL. That is 11.5% as less as compared with the same period last year. Rosstat reports.

Previously the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Dmitry Patrushev sent some proposals on development of winemaking and winegrowing in Russia to the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance Mr. Anton Siluanov.

In particular the Ministry of Agriculture proposed to provide a firm state support of about 3.5 billion rubles compared to current 1.5 billion rubles.

“Despite of wine production in Russia declines some segments of winegrowing go up. Producers have dynamically invested in plant industry and production technologies. In its turn this helps actively squeeze low-price imports especially at a time when ruble is weakens”, analyst of Otkryutiye-Broker Timur Nigmatullin say. According to the opinion of Ilya Zharskiy, Executive Partner of Veta Expert Group the perspectives of domestic market of wines of high quality are good at the present time. The consumers lose interest to the wines made of cheap wine materials. Moreover the state regulators change the wine standards for the better.

Source of information: «Агроинвестор»